Sri . Thillasthanam Swamy Kainkarya Sabha , Bangalore

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 About Sri. Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple-Tulasithottam , Bangalore

About Sri Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple-Tulasithottam (300KB)

Tulasithottam Sri. Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple Calender of Event 2018-19

Download Calender of Events 2018-19 (3.64MB)

Sri. Poorvacharya Kainkarya Sabha Calender of Events 2018-19

Download Calender of Events 2018-19 ( 1.55MB)

 A brief history of Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy ( Sri. Satagopa Ramanuja Yathindra Mahadesihan)

Brief History of Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy ( 1.13MB)

Anudinam Srivaishava News Portal has been doing a wonderful job with extensive coverage of Temple events , Mutts & Ashrams , Sthala Puranas etc .   . They  have  also  covered  the  Thillasthanam  Swamy functions  at  Sri. Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple and at Swamy Brindavanam . Given below  are  some  downloads  from the Anudinam website.

You may also view directly on Anudinam website  following link  below : .
100th Year of Acceptance of Sanyasa ashrama of HH Sri Swami ( 3.46MB)
Renovation of HH Sri Swamy's Brindavanam at Srirangam (1.1 MB)
Swamy Moolavar Prathistai and Tirumanjanam after Renovation Works (3.35MB)
HH 46th Srimath Azhzgiyasingar's visit to Swamy Brindavanam after Renovation(1.62MB)
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HH Sri Thillasthanam Swami's 58th Annual Aradhanam at Brindavanam(2.08 MB)
HH Sri Thillasthanam Swami's 59th Annual Aradhanam at Brindavanam (3.98 MB)
HH Sri Thillasthanam Swami's 60th Annual Aradhanam at Brindavanam (1.24 MB)
HH Sri. Thillasthanam Swami's 142nd Tirunakshatram Celebration at Brindavanam ( 1.92MB)
HH Sri. Thillasthanam Swami's 145th Tirunakshatram Celebrations Bangalore and Srirangam(286KB)
HH Sri. Swami's Manmatha Varsha Maasa Tirunakshatram Celebrations at Brindavanam ( 1.94MB)
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HH Sri. Satogopa Ramanuja Yathindra Mahadesikan  spent  lot  of  his  time  at  Thillasthanam also called Thillaisthanam and due to his popularity people fondly used to  address  him  as Sri. Thillaisthanam Swami and that  name continues till this day . “Thillaisthanam – originally known as Thirunai thanam” is a beautiful agraharam situated near the bank of Kaveri river 1km from Thiruvaiyyaru, Kumbakonam thaluk. Here alights the temple of Sri Alermelmanga Sametha Sri Srinivasa perumal, a very ancient temple where our great scholars like Thillaisthanam swamy and many others have worshipped the lord and immersed in his beauty! 

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About Thillasthanam and the temple (1.01 MB)
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According to our sages all humans are provided with an energy source which
they call as Panchabhuta. It functions as bio electricity within the body and also
forms an energy body external to the physical body. Health of Panchabhutas is
essential for health and happy living. Our daily activities trend to introduce
distortions and deficiencies in Panchabhutas and corrections are essential.
Sandyavandanam helps to achieve this. This  endowment lecture  in memory of  Prof. Sri. V.Gopalaswamy Iyengar at the Indian Institue  of  World Culture ,  Bangalore  by  (Late)Sri. V.R.Narasimhan  , Former President of the Sbha  and  covers  this  aspect  and  has  been titled  Vedic Rituals  - Their importance today .

Vedic Rituals- Their importance - Prof VG Memorial lecture (309KB)
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The  discovery  of  Dr Higgs Boson is a great contribution of Science to Indian philosophy . It confirms  Swamy Ramanuja’s principle of “Tatwa Thraya “ forming core of Vishistaadvaitha . The principle of Saranagathi promoted by  Swamy Ramanuja is primarily from consideration of regulating the life energy steadily to a level  to attain eternal bliss . In addition during life on this planet , lead a  healthy and happy life . 

The purpose of this booklet titled "How God Regulates Human Life" - Ramanuja's Vishistadwaitaa - In the light of discovery of Dr. Higgs Boson - Relevance & Significance , is to correlate ancient concept with modern scientific knowledge  for  betterment  of  humanity .

How God Regulate Human Life ( 734 KB)