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  • Srivan Satagopa  Paramkusa Ramanuja  Mahadesikan was the 24th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt . Sri Satagopa Ramanuja Yathindra Mahadesikan (Sri Thillasthanam Swamy ) was born  in the Poorva Ashrama lineage parampara of this 24th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt .  He was born to Dikshitar Seshadri Acharya in the Vrischika month under the star Mrigasira on 28th November , 1871 . 

  • As he spent bulk of his early life in Thillasthanam near Thanjavur (Tanjore) he was popularly referred to as Thillasthanam  Swamy.

  • Sri. Thillasthanam  Swamy  made ceaseless efforts to promote  Sanathana Dharma in  general and Srivaishnavism in particular .

  •  He was deeply religious right from his boyhood and regularly performed Agnihotra , Vedadyanam , etc and pursued his vedic studies. He had his Panchsamskara from the 35th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt and also commenced his studentship under him.Thus his association with Ahobila Mutt commenced from his early years .He continued his studies under subsequent Jeers of Ahobila Mutt .In this way , he acquired a wide range of knowledge and was fully conversant with the theory and practice of Srivaishnava tradition .Later he joined the panel of Aradhakas at the mutt , to worship Lord Malola Lakshmi Narasimha.Later , he became the personal staff of the 38th Jeer , Sri Srinivasa Satagopa Mahadesikan and continued his studies too. He also received Preshya Mantra ( for Sanyasins) from the Jeer. 

  • In this way Neelameghacarya ( Later Thillasthanam Swamy ) continued his service in Ahobila Mutt. He acquired a wide range of knowledge progressively. One day a Sriviashnava appeared to him in the dream and said " Put to use the wide knowledge acquired for the good of people and promote Srivaishnavism " this made him think and he decided to take up Sanyasahrama . He entered Sanyasahrama on 30th September 1914  with the blessings of  the  then Jeer of Ahobila Mutt . After becoming a Sanyasin , he assumed the name " Sri Satagopa Ramanuja Mahadesikan . But he was popularly referred to as Sri Thillasthanam Swamy. 

  • After becoming a Sanyasin , Sri Thillasthanam Swamy travelled all over the country and performed Panchasamsakara , delivered lectures and discourses on Srivaishnava philosophy and Srivaishnavite literature. In this way he promoted Srivaishnava culture and traditions of Ahobila Mutt. Sri Thillasthanam Swamy remained an individual Sanyasin ( though he was promoting Ahobila Mutt ) and this enabled him to visit every nook and corner in South India which is really praiseworthy since in those days transport was rather difficult. His ceaseless travels created great interest in people to pursue Srivaishnavite traditions .A large number of people all over South India became his disciples.People of the Mysore State ( Now Karnataka ) had great affection and regard for him. 

  • Even though Sri Thillasthanam Swamy was carrying out the routines of a  Srivaishnava Sanyasin , what attracted people to him was his profound knowledge and ability to retrieve them spontaneously to meet the challenges or doubts of individuals. On one occasion , when he was in Mysore ,there was difference of opinion amongst the scholars present regarding regarding the  'Prayaschitta' rites prescribed in vedic tenets .( A  Prayaschitta rite is a  corrective rite to undo any shortcomings in the original rite.) Sri Thillasthanam Swamy explained lucidly the efficacy of Prayaschitta rites quoting various sources including commentaries of sages and learned scholars. Indeed all were awe struck at his profound knowledge and efficient presentation. In this way , a large number of people were attracted towards him . Gradually , he became a symbol of authority and all would consult him on every matter like construction of temple , worship procedures at temples , various rituals etc. Similarly , his lectures were also complete .To make students understand principles clearly , he would use parables or other techniques. He worked devotedly to spread Sanathana Dharma and also ensure his students realise  God's  grace. 

  • He would stay for long periods at Bangalore , and  would conduct his programme of lectures. He would stay at Prasannakrishnaswamy temple , Thulasithottam ,  Majestic , Bangalore. He took great interest in the working of the Prasannakrishnaswamy temple. He organised the worship procedure at the temple , according to Agama and Vedic precepts. He also arranged the installation of  Adivan Satagopan  Mahadesikan  idol at the temple . 


    Sri Thillasthanam Swamy's devoted work and scholarship and easy accessibility enlarged his following of admirers and devotees. He continued his programme of promoting  Sanathanadharma , throughout his life. During the last stages of his life , he lived at Srirangam ( Near Tiruchirapalli) in Tamil Nadu . Sri Thillasthanam Swamy attained Brindavanam on May 4th , 1956. ( Brindavanam  Photos ) . 

  • Thus Sri Thillasthanam Swamy served the cause of Srivaishnava traditions for a full forty two years.

  • A large  number  of  devotees  and  admirers  of  HH Sri Swamy assembled  at  the  Sri. Prasanna Krishna Swamy Temple , Bangalore to consider a suitable memorial for him under the Chairmanship of  Late sri. B.V. Rama Iyengar . This  assembly decided  to  set  up  sri. Thillasthanam Swamy kainkarya Sabha  with the objective of celebrating HH Swamy's Thirunakshatram and Aradhanam every  year  .  This  assembly  also  approved  a  simple constitution for the sabha . Further the assembly constituted the sabha's  management  committee  with Late Sri. Dr. K.Srinivasachar as  the  president  and  Late Sri Mannargudi V Narayana Iyengar as the Secretary and  also  members .  

  • Sri Thillasthanam  Swamy  Kainkarya Sabha  was formed in the year 1957  to  commemorate  the memory of  Sri. Thillasthanam  Swamy . The  Sabha has been celebrating his Thirunakshatram  and Aradanam  since  then  without  fail . Year 2006 marks the completion of  50 years since the sabha was formed .  A  good  number of scholars and public assemble at  Sri Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple , Tulasivanam , Majestic  , Bangalore  and conduct  Sevai - both Divya Prabhandam  and Veda  and large number of people congregate on these occasions.

  •  The Sabha has taken up to promote the  objectives set out by Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy in a humble way . Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy  laid  great  stress on Sandhya prayers and meditation of the Lord through  Srivaishnava mantras .The sabha's first effort was therefore to bring out in a simple way  the  essence of  'Srivaishnavism'   by bringing out it's  first  book 'Srivaishnavism' . After the success of this  book and  based  on  several requests  the  next book  was  'Sandhyavandanam'  and later followed up by   several  similar books  and  pamphlets  entitled 'Vedic Pranayamam' , ' Vedic Approach  to  Healthy Living ' , 'Vedic Rituals - Their relevance today ' , ' Vishishtaadvaitha', ' Upanayanam' , ' Vedic Wedding '  and  recently ' How God Regulates Human Life - Ramanuja’s Vishishtaadvaitha – in the light of discovery of God Particle  by   Dr Higgs Boson – Relevance & Significance )

  •  The objective of this web site is to share the information in this area  with  others  on   Global basis  via the Internet . In line with this objective , all the books are  very  nominally  priced  and  can be sent by  courier  upon request  to  addresses  in  India  . Please contact us for your requirements  with  your  full  address  and  phone  number. 

  • For  requests  outside  India  the  books  are  being  sent  as  e-books  upon  request  . 

  • The resources at  the command of the sabha  are   meagre. The  sabha  has  been  managing its  activities by raising donations  through  philanthropists  abroad and in India and from the sale of  its  books .  In  order  for  the  sabha  to  keep  up  it's  activities  and  also   bring out similar publications in the future also  it  is   the humble request  of the sabha  to all  patrons  and  well  wishers  for  their  contribution / donation  to  the  sabha  which  will  be  gratefully  acknowledged .

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