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Mantra  Snanam  and   it's  Relevance

  •  Smiritis  say ' Snanam  Saptavidam  Smrutam ' , meaning that all the  seven forms of Snanam (bath) are equal in merit . The bath we take everyday by pouring water is 'Varuna Snanam' .Smiriti's recognise that 'Varuna Snanam' is not possible at all times and at all places .Therefore , other forms of Snanams(bath) are also recognised.  It says 


Apohistadibi  Mantram  Mruda  lambasthu  Parthivam |  Agneyam  Bhasmana  Snanam Vayavyam   Goraja Smrutam ||  Yattu Saatapa  Varshena  Divyamtatsnanamuchyate(Yaattu Saatapa Varshena Divyam+tat+snanam+uchyate)|  Varunam chaavagahastu (Varunam+cha+Avagahastu) Manasam  Vishnu  Chintanam  ||  

meaning sprinkling water on head  and feet  chanting the hymn     'Apohistha'  is  'Mantra Snanam ', smearing pure earth to body and limbs is 'Partiva'(Mrithika) snanam smearing ash of fire is Agneya Snanam , smearing the dust from the feet of cow is 'Vayavyam' snanam , bathing in rain during sunshine is 'Divya'  snanam ( As if  holy Ganga is coming from heaven) , bathing by immersing one self in water is 'Varuna' snanam , meditating on Lord Vishnu is 'Manasika' snanam.


  •  'Mantra Snanam '  and  'Manasika Snanam' have relevance in present day living conditions , particularly  for Sandhyavandanam . Sandhyavandanam is a time oriented ritual - namely Sun rise and Sun set. As an alternative to 'Varuna Snanam' 'Mantra Snanam ' can be used to facilitate timely performance of Sandhyavandanam and take advantage of Sandhya .
  •  The procedure for Mantra Snanam is as follows :


  Wash hands and feet and change your clothes

  ' Achamanam '

 ' Pranayamam ' 

 ' Sankalpah' -  ' Sri  Bhagavadajnaya  Sriman  Narayana Prithyartham  Pratah  Sandhya Mantra  Snanam  Karishye'  


' Mama  Upatta  Samastha  Dhurita  Kashya  Dwara  Parameshwara Prithyartham  Pratah  Sandhya  Mantra  Snanam  Karishye '

  ' Snanam' - (Take small quantity of water in your right hand palm and chant ) 

Om ! Apavitrah Pavithro Vaa Sarvavastahyam Gatopivaa |

Yaha   Smaret    Pundarikaksham  Sa Bahyabhyantarah Suchihi  (Sa  Bahyabi+Antarah+Suchihi)|| 

  (And then sprinkle water on your head )

 'Prokshanam' - Prokshanam as in Sandhyavandanam is to be done chanting the hymn - ' Om ! Aapohishtaa Mayobhuvah .......................... ......................................Om ! Bhu Bhurva Suvah.

  Mantra Snanam Ends here . After this the desired ritual  can be continued.

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